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Wewood Furniture Designer Wewood wewood1.vedere@gmail.com 212-203-0182 New York, United States http://www.wewood.eu Portfolio
Peter Harisson Furniture Designer Peter Harisson peterharissonvedere@gmail.com 914-443-3885 New York, United States http://peterharisson.com Portfolio
Perianth Interior Design Interior Designers/Decorators Hilary Unger hilary@perianth.com 212-579-6244 New York, United States http://www.perianth.com Portfolio
Nella Vetrina Furniture Designers Store Nella Vetrina info@nellavetrina.com 212-203-0182 New York, United States http://www.nellavetrina.com Portfolio
Modlof Furniture Designer Ted Toledano modloft.vedere@gmail.com 212-203-0182 New York, United States http://modloft.vedere.com Portfolio
Manooi Lighting Designer Manooi manooi.vedere@gmail.com +36 1 33 626 90 Budapest fovaros, Hungary http:// Portfolio
Koket Furniture Designer Janet Morais koket.vedere@gmail.com 212-203-0182 New York, United States http://www.bykoket.com Portfolio
Jeff Lincoln Interiors Interior Designers/Decorators Jeff Lincoln jeff@jefflincolninteriors.com 212-588-9500 New York, United States http://jefflincolninteriorsnewyork.com Portfolio
James Rixner Interior Designers/Decorators James Rixner jr@jamesrixner.com 212-206-7439 New York, United States http://jamesrixner.com Portfolio
Glenn Gissler Design Interior Designers/Decorators Glenn Gissler gg@gissler.com 212-228-9880 New York, United States http://www.gissler.com Portfolio
Duneier Design Interior Designers/Decorators Jennifer Duneier jennifer@duneierdesign.com 917-822-5398 New York, United States http://duneierdesign.com Portfolio
Debear Designs Interior Designer Carol DeBear carol@debeardesign.com 914-450-9182 New York, United States http://www.debeardesign.com Portfolio
Campion Platt Interiors Interior Designers/Decorators Christine Carroll ccarroll@campionplatt.com 212-779-3835 New York, United States http://www.campionplatt.com Portfolio
Archetype Design Studio Architects Alan Berman aberman@archetype-ny.com 212-580-6087 New York, United States http://www.archetype-ny.com Portfolio
Apaiser Bathware Designer Apaiser apaiser2.vedere@gmail.com 212-203-0182 New York, United States http://www.apaiser.com Portfolio
Jacqueline Hosford Interior Design Interior Designers/Decorators Jacqueline Hosford jacqueline@jacquelinehosforddesign.com 347-482-1700 New York, United States http://www.jacquelinehosforddesign.com
Design Concepts/Interiors Interior Designers/Decorators Phyllis Harbinger phyllis@dcistudio.com 914-734-1383 New York, United States http://www.dcistudio.com
Kristy Cohn Design Interior Designers/Decorators Kristy Cohn kscohndesigns@aol.com 914-391-2834 New York, United States http://kristycohn.com
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